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Carers’ Support: Dementia And Older People’s Mental Health

Dementia specific – Of Use To Carers Of People Living With Dementia And Older People Living With Mental Health Issues


A directory of resources to support carers of people living with dementia and/or older people’s mental health.


Dementia Connect - Alzheimer’s Society: Directory of Devon contacts

The Devon branch office in Exeter, phone: 0300 123 2029
This website covers many services – not just the ones run by the Alzheimer’s Society. You type in your postcode to search for:

Activities and social Groups


Care homes

Care or support in the house

Day care

Information support and advice

Support in the community 



Alzheimer’s society factsheets and information

National helpline phone: 0330 333 0804 Monday to Friday 9 to 5.
Click on About Dementia for lots of information for carers here: factsheets on different types of dementia


Young Dementia

General enquiries: 01993 776295 Support-related enquiries: 01865 794311
This link takes you to the pages for Carers with family members who have dementia before the age of 65.


Dementia Carers Pathways

(This downloads the 2014 version) For paper copies: ask at your local Devon carers office or ring PALS ( Patient Liaison Service) 0800 0730 741
This link takes you to the pages for Carers with family members who have dementia before the age of 65. This booklet provides local and useful information to anyone who is associated with dementia. It has been organised into sections, around the important details, carers need to know along a caring pathway. It is 56 pages long – so best to read online or order a paper copy.



Blogs are personal accounts or diaries of living with a condition or about being a carer. These are some examples of blogs of carers that you might like to follow or contribute towards. Googling Dementia Carers Blogs will give other results.

Dementia Challengers

A Carers Voice


Local Support Providers/Day Activities


Memory cafes:

The Devon branch office in Exeter, phone: 0300 123 2029
Memory cafes are hosted by various organisations. For a list of memory cafes across Devon, look at the right hand side of this page. Click on the café near you to bring up details of where and when they meet. Each café will have a different organiser and contact, so if using the phone, ring the Devon Alzheimer’s society and ask for the local café contact. Across Devon, these weekly events provide practical information and support, as well as the opportunity for people with dementia, their families and carers to ask questions and to listen to others experiences. They also offer an informal and social environment in which to learn new skills, undertake meaningful activities and listen to guest speakers.


Singing for the Brain

To contact a local group by phone, start by phoning the Devon branch of the Alzheimer’s society: 0300 123 2029
Hosted by various organisations. Groups across Devon. Click on this link, then on the group near you for details of dates, venues and contacts. Most are run by the Alzheimer’s society. The structured group sessions use music to encourage communication and participation and include opportunities to talk to other people. Each session includes a range of activities including vocal warm-up and singing a variety of familiar and new songs.


Memory Matters - Alzheimer’s Society

Telephone: 0300 123 2029
Memory matters is a series of five education sessions for people who have recently received a diagnosis of dementia


Exeter: Topsham Friendship Group

Telephone: 01392 879009
Social drop-in group for people with memory problems and their carers, to enjoy social time with people is a similar situation.


Exmouth: Rose Lodge social group for people with dementia

Telephone: 01395 227071
Extensive activities programme which includes art, music, gardening, singing, dancing, yoga, a choir, rambling and various animals to look after (cats, chickens, doves, rabbits and fish). The social club is for people in the community who would like to spend 1-2 hours a week doing something they enjoy with a very sociable group of people. Carers are also welcome to join the activity.


Sporting Memories

No Devon Group yet, but Sporting Memories is n conversation with Exeter University – so watch this space! Some groups are for the person with dementia only, some are men only and  others include carers. Sporting memories groups promote physical and mental wellbeing through fun, stimulating and friendly activities that help group members to reminisce, and tell their own personal stories of watching or participating in sports, and provide opportunities to try out playing new sports. One carer says: ‘this is like a snapshot of normality… usually we only go out for hospital appointments’


Love to Move

Age and dementia friendly seated gymnastics programme. Downloadable simple booklet so it can be done by anyone at home.





Online shop – no phone contact. An online shop of useful equipment to enable people living with dementia to maintain independence. A website to get ideas, not necessarily to buy from. Also has good tips and research.


Playlist for life

Telephone:  0141 418 7184
If you are, or have family members who are technically minded, you may like to work together to create a ‘Playlist for life’. Family members can recover relationships, share memories and have a focal point of talk and activity by creating a playlist of favourite music.


Active Minds

Telephone: 0203 488 2001
This Community Interest Company sells adult activities such as jigsaws and games. There are also articles about living with dementia.


Alzheimer Scotland

Downloadable/printable booklet on Activities: a guide for carers of people with dementia.


AT Dementia

AT Dementia provides information on Assistive Technology that can help people with dementia live more independently. Online only. Categories: Prompts and reminders; leisure; communication; safety.




Dementia adventure

Telephone: 01245 237548
Holidays for people living with dementia with or without their family. These holidays are of particular interest to people who like to get outside and be active.


The Mede 

Phone Sallie: 07718 976 072 or 01392 421189
Holiday breaks for people living with dementia and their families with onsite support. Located near Topsham in South Devon.


Places to Visit


All Devon Museums



Exeter Museum: RAMM 

Telephone: 01392 265 858
RAMM is part of Exeter’s Dementia Alliance, so is dementia friendly. This page takes you to their dementia information. Occasionally, dementia friendly object handling events are held for a cost.


National Trust

A free booklet on access is available by calling 0844 800 1895.
Supporter Service Centre ( SSC) for Admit One Card and Access for All Links Pass: 01793 817634.
Email them on:
The National Trust offers an Admit One Card for disabled visitors. The card is issued in the name of the disabled person and allows them to take a companion with them. This is free of charge and does not restrict them to taking the same person each time. The disabled person can be either a member or a paying visitor – their companion goes in free. The National Trust would need the person's full name, full address, including postcode, and date of birth in order to send the above card out.

Access for All Links Pass.
The Links Pass admits visits by groups of disabled and older people arranged by organisations affiliated to the NHS, Local Government, or disability charities.  It allows half price entry to most Trust places, for those within the group that are disabled, as usual essential companions or carers are admitted free of charge.  All Links Pass visits must be pre booked with the property direct and the half price entry fee is paid on arrival at the property.  If you are interested in an Access for All Links Pass then you would need to contact the SSC and ask for an application form.


English Heritage

National phone number for enquiries: 0370 333 1181

Access information can be found on each individual property’s page on the English Heritage website – please click either on the ‘Plan your Visit’ or the ‘Access’ tabs. Disabled visitors can bring up to two carers / companions free of charge. English Heritage has a printed copy of its Access Guide on request – use the ‘contact us’ page on their website or ring their enquiries number.