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Most General Practices keep a register of carers which usually means that they code carers on their computer system.  They can flag this so that anyone who looks at the record will be aware that the person is a carer. So it is a good idea to ask whether the practice keeps a register of carers and, if they do, ask to be included in it.

Some practices will ask when registering new patients and have specific questions on the new patient registration form. Some may also ask carer related questions during regular well person and health promotion appointments, flu clinics, etc. There may be a form to fill in and sign. They may also have a policy relating to carers which they could ask to see as well.

It is also worth asking whether your General Practice has a League of Friends Worker or Carers Support Worker who can help carers.  A few practices have carer support workers or practical help available through patient groups and League of Friends.

Last updated on April 9, 2012 by Devon Carers