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Carers of adults with alcohol or drug issues

Devon Carers offers support to people in Devon with caring responsibilities and this includes the people who provide unpaid support and care to those who are living with an addiction.

More traditionally identified as “family and friends” or “concerned others” those providing support to problematic alcohol or drug users are identified as carers in the Care Act 2014. This Act took effect on 1st April 2015.

We have Carer Support Officers working right across the county who can offer you an assessment of your own needs, whatever the needs of the person with addictions and whether or not he or she is already accessing recovery services.  Please telephone our helpline for more information.


Other help:


RISE (Recovery and Integration Service)

Is a Devon-wide adult substance misuse service, working with people with alcohol and drug problems.  The service looks at the person's (and their family's) needs as a whole and supports them towards and through abstinence and recovery, in partnership with other services.

The service focuses on reducing the harm caused by alcohol and drug misuse, particularly in the early stages of treatment for people with high-risk lifestyles.  Part of this includes offering advice and information and work is under way to improve the provision of needle exchange facilities.

There are a number of hubs located across Devon.  Opening times vary and include some evening and Saturday openings - please call 0300 303 3384 or visit their website for more details.



Is an organisation that supports families of alcohol users. It is based on a 12-step approach and members work through the steps. They have meetings in locations across Devon

Phone 020 7403 0888 or go to website,  to find where they are held.



Adfam is a national umbrella organisation working specifically with and for families affected by drugs and alcohol. Their website has a section for families with lots of advice and a blog page where you can share your story.


Alcohol Concern

Alcohol Concern is a large national charity campaigning on alcohol issues. They are seeking to reduce the harm caused to individuals by the excess use of alcohol. They want to change attitudes and patterns of alcohol consumption in this country. They have an informative website.



Change for Life is a health promotion that includes tips for cutting down on alcohol.


Drug Fam

This service offers phone and email support to people affected by other people's drug or alcohol misuse.   The helpline is open 7 days a week 9am-9pm on 0300 888 3853.


Families Anonymous

Families Anonymous run local support groups nationwide for family and friends of people with a drug problem.